AKKUtrack produces measuring instruments for applications in the field of solar photovoltaic concentration. The product portfolio, thanks to a unique multi-disciplinary approach, aims to increase the efficiency of concentrating solar systems and improve the return of investment for solar power plants.
AKKUtrack has developed an innovative Solar Tracking Sensor that allows extremely precise alignment of concentrating solar systems and reduces the energy production losses due to tracking errors. The market of concentrating solar systems is rapidly growing and AKKUtrack can provide a business-to-business solution for solar modules manufacturers.
AKKUtrack team members are both from the industry and from the academia, enabling the company to offer products based on innovative and advanced technologies.
The Solar Tracking Sensor developed by AKKUtrack has been studied for 2 years at the University of Ferrara and tested by partner laboratories all around the world.


  • Massimiliano Occhiali, CEO
  • Donato Vincenzi, Scientific Coordinator
  • Stefano Baricordi, Technical Manager
  • GPIII Solar, Manufacturing and Logistics


AKKUtrack is protected by the following patents:
BO2010A000361, GE2014A000006, WO2011/154872.



Email: info@akkutrack.com


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