AKKUtrack Light

The perfect combination for your tracking system

Driven by the large interest shown by companies in the CPV field, we have developed a new line of products that is able to give directions to the electronics managing solar tracking systems, in order to ensure the electric motors to be always in the best conditions of operation.

This new AKKUtrack Sensor is no longer a simple measuring instrument, but a real active pointing sensor with high accuracy.

Thanks to the programmable digital outputs, AKKUtrack Sensor can be interfaced with each solar tracking system, so as to give corrections purposes in order to increase the tracking accuracy up to 0.1° in comparision to the standards accuracy currently granted on the market of 0.5°.

Available for DC, AC and for brushless motors, Motor Drive Board is the best solutions to couple the AKKUtrack sensor with the actuators.

Contact us at info@akkutrack.com for more informations about AKKUtrack Sensor and MotorDrive version.