EVA for AKKUtrack LAB

AKKUtrack LAB is provided with EVA , a powerful and user friendly software for the measure Solar Trackers accuracy and pointing error.

This software tool was developed entirely in NI LabVIEW™ and it is available in the form of executable code with a user-friendly interface, or as a virtual instrument (VI) to be inserted within a LabVIEW code developed by the user.

This extreme flexibility allows to exploit the full product potential for a standard user – only interested in the use of the instrument – but also for a more experienced user who wants to add AKKUtrack features inside an extensive acquisition or monitoring system.

Advanced image processing (pattern matching) allows to:

  • Detect the solar disk in the field of view and to discriminate against any reflections
  • Identify the exact position of the sun in the case of partially covered sky
  • DNI measurement
  • Report the maximum errors committed in both directions

All data provided by the user interface may be registered in a log file for further processing or for history analysis of system parameters.


Eva 2.1 for AKKUtrack Lab


Eva 2.1 for AKKUtrack Lab

Press here for download EVA.

For any info contact us at: info@akkutrack.com.